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Creator Interview with Kkuem width in kkuem

Let us introduce you to the creator of Ashtoreths, Kkuem.
She's the famous illustrator who's also designed Dana, Leda, Chang'e, and many other beautiful Childs.
Check out the interview we had with Kkuem featuring her story behind her character development and the birth of Ashtoreths!


A heartless Child who feels no guilt, named after Ashtoreth,
the so-called "Queen of Heaven" who is neither god nor demon.

Once she decides something is hers, she becomes extremely fixated on it
to the point of suffocation. She believes herself fit to be the Archfiend,
so she constantly harasses the young master.

Incidentally, her pactmaker is an unfortunate acquaintance of Nodens'
pact maker, so she enjoys provoking him as well.

Ashtoreth in realLife

The mother of Ashtoreth became Ashtoreth herself.
Ashtoreth cosplay by KKUEM.

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  • Q.Introduction of yourself and a message for fans (your part in Destiny Child development, etc.)

    Hello, I'm Kkuem, an illustrator and original character designer.
    I've been working on Destiny Child for 5 years and have done several Child illustrations and some of my own original drawings.
    It's nice to meet you.

  • Q.Introduction to Snow White Ashtoreths

    This Child, Ashtoreths, is beautiful, in the way that a rose with a lot of thorns is.
    Her story suits her deadly charm.
    Personally, I prefer the good Childs, but despite Ashtoreths being the exact opposite of good, I feel drawn to her.
    She's got great animation effects and Drive skills.
    I hope you'll enjoy playing her!

  • Q.Inspiration for Ashtoreths

    The main concept behind Ashtoreths is her Snow White dress style and purple roses.
    A purple rose means eternal yet incomplete love, and I felt mystified by its meaning.
    Innocence, love, mystery, charm, malice, twisted: those are just a few of the words that come to mind when I developed this character with a faint, but unmistakably cold smirk that represents pure malice.

  • Q.Ashtoreths's charm and most important thing about her

    The most prominent characteristics of her have to be her personality and the subtle smirk that contrast her snowy white dress and the roses.
    My inspiration for her design has been roses and a beautiful girl in a dress, but the most fundamental aspect of it is the thorns.
    She's as beautiful as a rose, and just as prickly.
    That's what makes her so attractive.
    I tried to reflect this point of view in her Soul Carta image as well.

  • Q.Origin and meaning of your nickname, Kkuem

    I came up with this nickname, Kkuem, when I was in middle school.
    I needed one pretty quickly for my cosplay and anime geek (!) activities.
    It's from the scream that a monster might make, like "Kueeeekkk." I thought it was a dark, sinister name, but other people thought it was cute.
    It's probably because of the way it sounded. Heh.

  • Q.Favorite Childs other than Ashtoreths

    For some reason, Freyja is the first one I think of.
    She's only 3-star and barely useful (T.T), so she's usually sacrificed for awakening other characters, but I like her.
    Her story is heartwarming and adorable.
    I also done most of my doodling while I was developing her.
    She's innocence itself!
    She's got everything I want in a character.

  • Q.Your top work priorities

    I most care about others' feedback on my work.
    Feedback from many of you Destiny Child fans, that is.
    I want to create illustrations that are all cute and beautiful, but still unique in their own way, to add more joy and color to your gaming experience.
    It's really hard to be objective about your own work, but I try my best.

  • Q.Source of your inspiration

    Great pictures, photos, and designs.
    Everything that's visually pleasing to me gives me inspiration.

  • Q.Your most memorable fan

    It's impossible to pick just one.
    Everyone gives me the strength to go on, and many of them even draw fan art of my characters.
    I can't thank them enough.
    I try to save fan art whenever I see it.
    I'm really grateful for the community out there.

  • Q.Last message for international users (and anything you can share about your plans, etc.)

    Thank you for playing Destiny Child.
    I hope you'll enjoy my work while playing the game.
    Please know that everyone in the Original Drawing and Development Teams work hard to keep you entertained.
    I'll continue to do my best to create characters that are unique, inside and out, and adorable enough so you can fall in love with them.
    Thank you.