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"When chaos ravaged the world,
it was sundered into light and dark,
giving birth to two intelligent forms of life.
These lifeforms became the gods of the
Celestial Realm and the Infernal Realm.
What land remained became the Mortal Realm,
and many yearspassed with each realm
isolated from the rest..."


"Gather human souls,
and create the strongest
army ever known."

This is the sole condition for becoming
the Archfiend—the ruler of the Infernal Realm.

The sudden retirement of Lucifaro, who had ruled as Archfiend for untold
eons, incited a war for succession known as the Archfiend Contest.
Thus did numerous Archfiend candidates, each dreaming of being the
next to take the throne, descend upon the Mortal Realm.
Now, the story of one such Archfiend candidate and his
army of Childs is about to begin!


Childs are demon familiars born from human desires.
Each one has their own rich story.

Enjoy bombastic, high-speed battles between
Childs as they unfold in Live2D!

Every character can be raised to max rarity!
Awaken your Childs to reveal their true form!


The Young Master (CV:米内 佑希)

"The weakest of all Archfiend candidates, this demon
chose to move to the Mortal Realm and live on his own
after growing sick of life in the Infernal Realm.

Having grown up in the Mortal Realm, he has almost no
knowledge of the Infernal Realm, nor of the sensibilities
common to other demons.

Though constantly exhausted by the combined stress of
his part-time convenience store job and fighting in the
Archfiend Contest, he takes pains to uphold his pacts
with the Infernal Realm.

However, he has doubts about sacrificing Childs for the
Contest, and is starting to worry if he's doing the
right thing."

Mona (CV:小清水 亜美)

This highly capable succubus has gained notoriety in the
Infernal Realm for being one of the most knowledgeable
aides around.
Though she may seem optimistic to a fault, she can also
be extremely cunning and devious, as one might expect
of her elite station.

The one-two punch of her considerable aide capabilities
and supermodel-level looks had demons falling all over
themselves to win her favor, but she turned them all down
in order to support the young master.

Her favorite pastime is teasing her naive charge.
Although she delights in wrapping him around her little
finger with honeyed words, one cannot help but sense
that she is hiding something...

Lisa (CV:飯田 里穂)

The brains of the young master's succubus trio, this
supremely capable aide favors the stick over the carrot
when it comes to getting things done.

She originally joined the Archfiend Contest after
accepting an invitation from Frej to be his aide.

Even before she met the young master, she made a habit
of visiting the Mortal Realm to gather information.

With her sharp wit and powers of deductive reasoning,
she excels at whipping our lazy "hero" into shape.

Davi (CV:黒沢 ともよ)

Mona's biggest fan (in feeling, if not in size).

Whenever Mona is around, she acts like a sweet and
innocent angel, despite being a succubus herself.

Though possessed of a charming, spirited personality,
she is constantly at odds with the young master, who she
sees as a rival for Mona's affections.

Despite her competitive streak, she is also naive and
gullible—qualities the young master takes advantage of
whenever he can.

Her diminutive frame belies her short temper and
penchant for cutting people down to size
with her sharp tongue.

Demeter (CV:たかはし 智秋)

A Child born from the frustration of a pactmaker who
dreamed of becoming a nurse, only to end up beaten down
by the drudgery of her job.

Though she may seem bold and aggressive thanks to
her tendency to say and do whatever she wants,
deep down she wishes she could be of genuine
help to someone.

Frej (CV:KENN)

A capable Archfiend candidate and one of the Infernal
Realm's elite.

He is known to many as "Bad Boy Frej," and for good
reason—he's a natural at looking down on others and
treating them like garbage.

His attitude has drawn him no small amount of ire, but he
is used to being despised, and could not care less how
he is regarded by other demons.


Kim Hyung tae

A Korean illustrator and game designer.
He is best known for creating character designs for
War of Genesis 3 and Magna Carta, and for overseeing
the art direction of Blade and Soul.
Destiny Child is the first title produced by his own studio,


The Korean composer and arranger behind all of
Destiny Child's music.
He has also written songs for Mabinogi Duel,
The Tower of AION, and the DJ MAX series, in addition
to furnishing
musical tracks for The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls.

  • Title:Destiny Child
  • Genre:Narrative CCG
  • App Price:Free (In-App Purchases)
  • Compatibility:At least 2GB RAM (OS: iOS 10.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later)